SETEK Therapeutics

SETEK Therapeutics commitment to innovation allows us to make a positive difference to people's health and wellbeing. We strive to keep our manufacturing costs down to ensure accessibility for our customers whilst expanding out product lines to satisfy consumer demand. Our diverse product range includes insun lights for the home and horticultural growers, through to our inskin beauty ranges and activated carbon skincare which focuses on natural and botanical ingredients producing a gender-neutral skincare collection.

SETEK’s long term goal is to manufacture in Taupo and introduce active pharmaceutical ingredients where necessary at the right price and the right time.

Our aim is to create a higher-value product. This allows SETEK to efficiently manage its supply chain while maintaining its core focus on quality.

The strategy is based on forming strong partnerships with key businesses in the value chain.

With our Sale and Manufacturing Agreement with AFT Pharmaceutical, one of New Zealand’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, we achieve market penetration in New Zealand and Australia with medical cannabis products.

Overseas markets provide early revenue whilst the regulatory environment in New Zealand matures and education of clinicians and health professionals builds.